Sunday, May 17, 2020

Covid–19 warriors

Death is an intriguing affair,
No one knows what it bears 

We all roam carrying a facade,
Of rich and poor running roughshod 

Now I ponder staring at the star, 
What will cease this self created war 

Whom to blame or be flawed?
This is something hoisted by one's own petard 

Holding on to a threshold to live and be loved;
Hoping desperately to not be shoved 

It will hurt to stay and see you wither away 
But you won't be there to save the day 

So I say... Let's cherish this time of togetherness 
We never know when we will lose them 
Or they will lose us someday 

Now it's never the right time to say goodbye, 
In the end... We all have to die 

Vivek Mali 

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